Title: How art can shape America’s conversation about freedom

Presenter: Dread Scott



  • I saw you holding note cards, but I didn't see you use them in the video. If you used them to ensure that you correctly recited the comments that were left in the book for the artwork, then I feel that's a wise use of notes. There are certain times when we must speak precisely, and it's worth using cards in cases where that text is extensive.
  • When you finish with the notes, I recommend that you jettison them to get them out of your way. Stick them in your coat jacket instead of shifting them between hands and having them get in the way of some of your gestures.
  • I like the way that you presented the speech vocally. You read all of the comments and articles evenly, almost dispassionately. It would have been easy to put a lot of emotion into reading, and I think that would have been less effective. By reading plainly, you let the emotions of the writers come through as the comments were written and not as you interpret them. I commend that decision.
  • It's unclear to me what your message is in wearing a jacket with a untucked shirt. The jacket projects to me a message of expertise and authority and recognition that you want to be respectful to your audience and expect their respect of you. The messy shirt gives me a message of informality, carefree, and maybe you don't expect me to take what you say seriously. Remember: your message is determined by the listener's interpretation, and every gesture, every vocal nuance, the way you stand, and even what you wear affects that message. I felt that your dress gave me a conflicted message and distracted from your story.
  • I like your choice of words: propel, transgressive, defied, amplify, authoritarian, oppressive, and profound. These are strong words that present bold images and reflect the mood of the presentation for me.


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