Title: How can we do the most good for the world?

Presenter: Will MacAskill



  • The very first thing I noticed about your delivery is that you chose to wear jeans and a t-shirt. Since this is non-standard for a serious presentation, I spent time considering why you chose this outfit and what message you want us to get from it. Are you telling us that the serious and established thinkers have failed on this issue? Or are you just trying to make a point that you're a young, cool guy who doesn't take anything too seriously? I didn't feel that your choice matched the importance of your topic.
  • You had very natural gestures that didn't distract me from the presentation. And I saw no distracting nervous habits. Your memory stumbled once or twice, but you did a good job not to let it fluster you.
  • Try to avoid run-on sentences. I noticed that you like to begin sentences with a conjunction. Your favorite word to begin sentences with is And. I also noticed: Yet, And yet, Or, But, Then, and But then. Eventually, the string of run-ons began to be distracting and tiring to me.
  • You spoke very clearly, Something I'd like to see you do with your vocal variety is to provide some more variation. To me, it was bit too monotone and felt like a lecture instead of a presentation. 
  • I thought that you used pauses effectively and gave us time to consider the points you were making.


Chuck Hinkle has been formally evaluating and coaching speakers worldwide for over thirty years.

“Chuck took my story I was giving at a TEDx conference and turned it into a powerful presentation. Then he coached me so that I could deliver it confidently and effectively. It was the most impactful presentation of all the speakers.” Sr. Business Analyst & TEDx Presenter

“Even more than being terrified of public speaking I am more terrified of sharing my personal past with others. That was until I encountered Chuck Hinkle. Chuck listened to my ideas for my first TEDx talk and gently coaxed me to share part of me that was not a part of my work persona. He helped me develop the skills I needed to convey a message that would reach the hearts and minds of folks literally around the globe. My New Years resolution was to overcome my fear of speaking in public by possibly talking to a group of school children or at a senior center as part of a group. By working with Chuck, I gained the confidence and skills to stand on the stage alone and reach out to over 17 different countries and Dare them to make a difference. And what is even more amazing is they took the challenge and told how they did. Chuck used a combination of presentation techniques on how to use PowerPoint and pictures, to what stories to tell and how to paint a visual picture. I grew personally and was able to land an amazing new role professionally thanks to Chuck.” Commercial Contract Manager & TEDx Presenter

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