Title: How to make stress your friend

Presenter: Kelly McGonigal



  • You started with a participation question and introduces the dilemma. That was appropriate and effective to me.
  • You led me through the presentation with decent transitions. I’d like more direction at the start. I found that I had to work to follow the points you were making. I found the jump from stress to oxytocin to treating stress by surrounding yourself with people who care about you unconvincing. 
  • Good use of subtle humor.
  • You made assertions about how the blood vessels are different when you view stress differently but didn’t cite any sources that we can use to follow up. You also claimed that your presentation, as an intervention, may be saving lives for those in the audience, and I wasn't sure if you were serious about this or if this was tongue-in-cheek.
  • I didn’t like the conclusion. I see that you wanted to leave with an inspirational message that encourages your audience to be more caring. But I thought that you were introducing a new idea that hadn’t been established by claiming that seeing stress as a strength means you don’t think you have to face challenges alone. And maybe it’s because the body of the presentation didn’t have the stories or numbers to really convince me, but I feel like I’m on the bad end of a sales pitch when I’m told that the benefit of doing this is that I’m making a profound statement.


  • Having the clicker in right hand very distracting to me; you tended to hold it up and display it prominently and it distracted me from you. If you aren’t gesturing with a hand, it looks more natural just to let it hang by your side. I saw you do this at times, and it looks more natural.
  • Having the long list of causes of death and showing Stress Beliefs  at #15 is distracting. I get curious what’s above it and I read the chart instead of listening to you. This is a difficult one to avoid. One suggestion is to show a list naming the top 3, then a gap and #15. Stress beliefs at the bottom of the list. Then show a gap and have the other prominent causes you name appear on the list as you list them.
  • You’re very comfortable speaking to the group; you seem well-rehearsed and confident to me.
  • I felt that your slides could have been more effective. The heart and the oxytocin molecule didn’t add anything for me. I liked more the photo of the people when describing your study of 1000 people, since you were emphasizing the importance of caring.
  • The presentation is very conversational. I’d like to have more vocal variety in it.

Chuck Hinkle has been formally evaluating and coaching speakers worldwide for over thirty years.

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