Title: Why art thrives at Burning Man

Presenter: Nora Atkinson



  • It's very easy for me to listen to you. I could hear an admiration in your voice for the topic, and it made me eager to hear more.
  • You seemed very comfortable speaking to the group. I didn't see any distracting, nervous habits.
  • Your gestures were simple and unobtrusive, but your arms also looked awkward to me. Most of the time, you have your elbows bent and your arms held up unnaturally. I encourage you to learn to feel comfortable just holding your arms down at your sides when you aren't gesturing. It feels strange, but it looks perfectly natural.
  • You generally managed humor well. Only once did I see you get caught by surprise and lose your composure and chuckle, too. 
  • I felt that you had wonderful timing that wove your descriptions among the images and film clips. You use your pauses well!


Chuck Hinkle has been formally evaluating and coaching speakers worldwide for over thirty years.

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“Even more than being terrified of public speaking I am more terrified of sharing my personal past with others. That was until I encountered Chuck Hinkle. Chuck listened to my ideas for my first TEDx talk and gently coaxed me to share part of me that was not a part of my work persona. He helped me develop the skills I needed to convey a message that would reach the hearts and minds of folks literally around the globe. My New Years resolution was to overcome my fear of speaking in public by possibly talking to a group of school children or at a senior center as part of a group. By working with Chuck, I gained the confidence and skills to stand on the stage alone and reach out to over 17 different countries and Dare them to make a difference. And what is even more amazing is they took the challenge and told how they did. Chuck used a combination of presentation techniques on how to use PowerPoint and pictures, to what stories to tell and how to paint a visual picture. I grew personally and was able to land an amazing new role professionally thanks to Chuck.” Commercial Contract Manager & TEDx Presenter

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