Title: Why we have an emotional connection to robots

Presenter: Kate Darling




  • You spoke very confidently and inspired my confidence in your expertise. 
  • You use your smile very well. To me, it's very welcoming. Be careful that you don't overuse it, though, especially when you want to make a serious point.
  • Something odd and slightly distracting that I noticed is that you have a tendency to make symmetrical gestures with your arms. You don't always do it, but at least half, maybe 2/3 or even 3/4 of the time. What I found odd is that it distracted me and seemed unnatural, but it must have been totally natural for you because I don't imagine that you intentionally did it. I'd encourage you to work on using asymmetrical gestures more often.
  • I liked your vocal variety. Your friend's comments about the robo-seal showed outrage and compassion. You slowed down in your conclusion to show its gravity and show us your concern and trigger us to give it more consideration. To me, that was one of your strengths.
  • I liked your use of language. I mentioned one phrase earlier, but there are several words and phrases that seem to overflow with meaning. Torture. Visceral physicality. Robots plus capitalism. On the other hand, I felt that you overuse conjunctions (and, but, so) at the start of sentences.  
  • I think that you used wonderful slides. They contributed to the presentation but didn't take it over. I especially commend your use of attribution to the photographer.
  • Overall, this is a very good presentation. I felt that the strength is how well you lead us with your stories. My only minor suggestion is to add a couple of lines that provide some additional depth in your introduction and to support a key line.

Chuck Hinkle has been formally evaluating and coaching speakers worldwide for over thirty years.

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