Title: Your fingerprints reveal more than you think

Presenter: Simona Francesa



  • I thought that your gestures were very good. They weren't very broad; you mostly keep them framed by your body. That makes them feel, to me, that they're very precise, and that goes well with the theme of your presentation.
  • I found your voice easy to listen to. It wasn't too fast, which is good since you're basically telling us a mystery story.
  • You seem very confident as a speaker. I didn't notice any nervous habits at first. Towards the middle of the speech, I started to notice you swaying back and forth a lot, and it made you appear nervous to me. It may have been the angle and movement of the camera because I noticed it more during close-ups. It may not have been as apparent to the audience.


  • Your introduction presented a series of rhetorical questions that I found effective.
  • I really like the phrase "molecules are the storytellers of who we are!" (A very minor note here: to be grammatically correct, you would want to say "of whom we are." Whom is an object and who is a subject, and you're using who as an object in this sentence. But I don't think I would have noticed if the sentence hadn't been so vivid to me.)
  • As a transition to your body of the presentation, you told us that you would take us on a journey, and then you told us a very grim story. I liked how your conclusion returned to your key phrase about molecules as storytellers — with just a touch.
  • It was a very interesting story to me. A lot of the technique was somewhat over my head. But my impression is that your purpose wasn't really to give me an understanding about specific techniques as much as it was to give me a broader appreciation of progress in the field. The one segment that really baffled me, though, was the third step about superimposing several variations in order to create a complete fingerprint, and I didn't understand how the hundreds of variations were developed.
  • Overall, I liked the presentation very much. I thought that your purpose was to inform us about what fingerprints can expose, and you did that well. Thank you.

Chuck Hinkle has been formally evaluating and coaching speakers worldwide for over thirty years.

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