Helix Workbench




The Helix Workbench is an app for Helix database designers and supporters. The tools in the workbench are divided into two broad categories:

  1. Tools that speed up development tasks and make them error-proof.
  2. Tools that implement multi-step design techniques.


The Workbench contains these tools:
Prepare user profiles to enable user settings HWB
Create/Identify Globals relation
Create/Identify user settings relation
Create a relation
Add fields
Create lookups
Edit abacus
Add basic abaci to a relation
Add indexes
Make quick entry form
Make quick report
Edit color palette
Create a relation from imported file
Identify counter and primary key fields
Generate abacus from a Select Case statement
Add abacus to calculate next ID#
Copy changes to multiple user profiles  
Mass font updates  
Edit colors in rectangles  
Create a shortcut/popup entry field  
Create a data viewer  

Early adopters will also receive these additional tools when they are available at no additional charge:

Copy fields to inert relation

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