Be More Effective … Online and Offline

Lead Meetings that People Want to Attend

Does Dilbert Work for Your Company?

We know what Dilbert meetings are. They're a waste of time. They don't accomplish enough. They're filled with too many people who don't need to be there, checking their email while they don't contribute, and few decisions made. They run overtime, and they interfere with real work.

The principles in this presentation will show you how to break lead meetings that Dilbert wouldn't recognize. 

Key Topics:

  • How to run effective meetings.
  • How to improve the meetings that you attend.
  • How to take charge of your calendar.
  • The bonus tip to make them even better!

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Chuck Hinkle has been leading training seminars since 1983 at companies and organizations such as Shell Oil, The United Way, Women in Computing, India House Youth Leadership Development Program, and the City of Austin. He joined Toastmasters in 1982 and has started six clubs, been a president of five clubs, and was the Gulf Coast Division Governor responsible for 600 members.,

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