Stop Giving Boring and Ineffective Presentations

Discover how to give exceptional presentations. More than 2200 participants have improved their presentations by attending this presentation topic.

This presentation can be scheduled for one to six hours depending whether it covers all or a subset of these topics. 

Key Topics:

  • What are the critical presentation techniques.
  • What makes slides terrible, adequate, or exceptional.
  • How to meet the minimum requirements to give a professional presentation.
  • How to avoid the common PowerPoint techniques that most annoy your audience.
  • How to follow the process to create an exceptional presentation.
  • The importance of storytelling.
  • The 7 types of effective introductions and the introduction to never use.
  • How to make your graphs more persuasive in business and scientific presentations.
  • How to handle question and answer sessions.

Chuck Hinkle has been formally evaluating and coaching speakers for over thirty years. He has been leading training seminars since 1983 at companies and organizations such as Shell Oil, India House Youth Leadership Development Program, The United Way, the City of Austin, and the Future Business Leaders of America.


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