The Secrets of Personal Productivity

(They Aren’t Secrets)

Are you satisfied with your productivity?

Are you scared to open your mailbox? Are you constantly worried about the tasks you aren’t working on and may be forgetting about? Are you stressed and overwhelmed by the length of your to-do list? Do your projects often become stuck or lose their focus? This hour-long topic reviews the lessons from David’s Allen’s book, Getting Things Done. Follow these principles to finish your projects on time, keep from getting steamrolled by an ever-more busy world, and finally empty your email inbox. 

Key Topics:

  • What limits our productivity?
  • How does the Getting Things Done process work?
  • What are the steps to implement Getting Things Done as my personal productivity system?
  • How do I take advantage of this system, day-to-day and hour-by-hour, to be more productive?

Chuck Hinkle has been leading training seminars since 1983 at companies and organizations such as Shell Oil, The United Way, Women in Computing, India House Youth Leadership Development Program, and the City of Austin.


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