Title: How China is (and isn’t) fighting pollution and climate change

Presenter: Angel Hsu



  • You began with a rhetorical question and gave us a story. It made me interested to find out more. You described some details of your background to establish your credibility and the source of the problem. This was all very helpful for me. The one thing I would have liked in addition is a forecast. Is there any reason to listen to you, other than this might be interesting to us?
  • I liked the transition to the body of the presentation, and you incorporated the photos nicely into the subject.
  • You compared the Under the Dome documentary to Rachel Carsons' work. Be careful about making associations like that, because you're letting others' opinions about Carsons' work influence their perception of your documentary. I say that because it seems I've seen heavy criticisms in the past couple of years reassessing Carsons' work, and you don't want those negative inferences to reflect poorly on Under the Dome. I felt that your description of the documentary and its impact enabled it to stand alone sufficiently and didn't require the comparison. 
  • I found your examples and documentation very convincing. You cited the data sources on the slides, which is a good move to win over skeptics.
  • You had a good summary for your conclusion. You didn't call for any action from us, but I felt you did well in describing the positive steps and also the ambiguous steps that China has taken so far. 


  • You seemed very comfortable to me in front of the group. I didn't see any signs of distracting nervousness.
  • I found your gestures very natural and not distracting. You showed me a calm and persuasive manner and convinced me that you are very knowledgable on this topic.
  • I noticed that you liked to begin sentences with the word So (and other conjunctions). If you do it occasionally, it isn't very distracting. By the end of the presentation, I was very aware every time I heard you do it, and it became a minor distraction. That's something I'd like to see you work on improving.
  • Overall, I felt that this was an informative presentation.

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