Data Visualization Design

This workshop is independent of any software and teaches skills useful for graphs and dashboards in Power BI, Excel, Tableau, Spotfire, PowerPoint, and other tools.

The premise is that you give presentations to smart people, and they can eventually figure out the default graph that you give to them. But if you’ve spent days analyzing data, then give them graphs that clearly show them what you’ve discovered and lead them to your conclusions.

Specifically, this covers

  • The 3 purposes of data visualization
  • The value of data visualization
  • How to improve graphs
  • The role of tables and how to spot unethical graphs
  • Color considerations
  • How to improve dashboards

This can be a 90-minute presentation or a halfday workshop with exercises.

Chuck Hinkle was Shell Oil’s Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Warehouse, and Microsoft Access US specialist  since the late 90s. He was also designated as Shell’s presentation coach for executives and staff in North America.


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