Title: Why it’s too hard to start a business in Africa — and how to change it

Presenter: Magatte Wade



  • I was very excited by your introduction at first, but then it really confused me. You made me intensely curious by telling me that someone told you something that you never expected another person to say. This was a wonderful introduction! Then you started your story about why you're a haunted person, and I was listening intently, waiting to hear what those shocking words were, but they never came. That is, they never came until much later, and I was frustrated by then and thinking that you had skipped that line. I really liked the introduction so much; I think what would have helped would've been just a short line like "but first, let me tell you why I'm a haunted person." That would signal that you're going to tell me the line I'm waiting to hear but not until later in the presentation, maybe in the conclusion. I think that would be very effective, and then the body of the speech wouldn't have come so quickly and without warning.
  • While you were telling me about the problems that your business faces and calling others to start their business to create jobs, I was thinking to myself but how do you overcome corruption.I was glad to see you address it, but I didn't understand the solution you proposed. If government leaders are imposing high tariffs so that they can siphon off their cut, how do you change that? If you have officials who won't release materials that enter the country or even the city without a bribe, how do you get past that? If you have thieves who find it easier to rob your warehouses instead of working, how are you fighting that problem?
  • Technically, I really liked how you resolved your introduction by telling us what you were told and using that as a transition to your conclusion. I thought that was very effective. Then, you ended by giving us two options. One option is that the corruption will be fought through revolution. Unfortunately, I'm not convinced; we've seen revolutions before, and it too often just trades one set of corrupt leaders for another. But you told us that no one wants revolution, and it really isn't an answer. Ultimately, though, I didn't see the path that takes us to your solution, and I was more discouraged than optimistic by the end of the presentation.


  • You spoke very directly and enthusiastically. You have a commanding demeanor and are very persuasive. I thought that you're a very powerful speaker.
  • I like your gestures. Some of them are large (like the circle), beyond your body. Others are quick and abrupt. They aren't timid. I felt that this contributes to the feeling that you're in charge and confident with something important to tell me. I especially like the swimming through molasses metaphor and gesture.
  • You asked us a rhetorical question about why African countries all rank at the bottom of the World Bank list, and that long pause was very effective. It gave us a lot of time to recognize how important the question was, and then a little longer to start feeling uncomfortable that we don't have a good answer. That's a very powerful technique to use.
  • I liked the rate you spoke. At the start, when you were explaining the problem, you spoke slowly and deliberately with lots of pauses to give everything time to sink in. And you got faster and faster as you reached the ending. I could tell that you're excited about the topic and strongly committed to it. 
  • Overall, you are a very strong presenter. I felt that your pacing is your strongest feature. Really, the only improvements I can suggest is to give us a little better delineation between the introduction and the body and to lay out the path that brings us to the conclusion you're hoping for.

Chuck Hinkle has been formally evaluating and coaching speakers worldwide for over thirty years.

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