Title: Did the global response to 9/11 make us safer?

Presenter: Benedetta Berti



  • Your early gestures are simple and not distracting. To me, you're using gestures that are inviting instead of forceful. I thought the gestures complemented the tone of your presentation well. Later, your gestures seemed to become more abrupt and I saw more clenched fists as you talked about states providing security. Consider whether you want to amplify the message about strength and security with those sharp gestures or if you want to break the connection by continuing to use soothing and smooth gestures.
  • I liked how were weren't fixed to one point on the stage, and it made this feel more like a presentation than a lecture.
  • I would like you to work on your vocal variety. To me, your tone had kind of an urgent pleading tone to it. I thought that this was effective at the start. I'd like you to look for opportunities to slow down the pace, perhaps as you give examples and state your conclusions. And if you're able to speak a little more quietly during those points, then that will let you raise your voice and tone again at the end and leave us with a feeling of urgency.


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